Security Services

KGPS offers a wide range of permanent security solutions, including long-term security officers to mitigate and combat security issues such as theft, vandalism, and trespassing.

Choosing to work with us gives you access to our discreet and efficient security agents trained to intervene in possible attacks, intrusions, and any other form of disruption.

Whether you are a private company, an institution, an administration, a public establishment, or even an individual who needs personal protection, KGPS can create an effective security program for all your needs.

KGPS is a trusted security provider for many fortune corporations, school districts, and private entities. Our customizability and innovative delivery of technologically advanced security services differentiate us from standard private security providers.

The different protection levels that KGPS Protective Services offer ensure that every officer gets the backup protection that they require and that every property is highly secured for the entire shift. Utilizing state-of-the-art mobile communication allows our officers to mobilize emergency services and stay in constant communication with our 24/7 mobile command center.

Executive Protection
Private Client Services

KGPS Elite Services is carried out after a thorough safety analysis and mainly relies on the Bodyguards (Private Personal Security Guards), who act as security drivers, protection agents, nannies, advanced teams, and motorized patrol, among others.

Our agents comprise highly trained men and women who understand safety and discretion, working in all theaters worldwide, protecting top fortune companies and their families. KGPS has the resources to provide the highest level of services, whatever your needs may be.

We will work closely with you to pinpoint your security needs, concerns, and vulnerabilities and develop a protection plan that prioritizes your safety.

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Consulting Services

The decisions about security that you make an impact and reflect on your organization’s resilience and security many years down the line. Our thorough security consulting services provide you the confidence with which you can protect your office, employees, facilities, operations, family, and assets.

KGPS consulting covers all these possibilities, allowing the construction of a robust and effective security project, preventive procedures for agents, and those protected. The activities defined in counseling should be reassessed periodically.

We bring to the table subject matter experts from virtually every sector. We have a proven track record of accomplishment in decreasing hazards and mitigating risks and exposure to security.

Our services consist of risk management, vulnerability assessments, threat intelligence, and the development and review of policies and procedures. We offer security monitoring, security audits, security training, and security incident response.

KGPS consulting services can also be carried out in partnership with renowned international and national security consultants.

Online Training

In a society full of threats and unforeseen circumstances, the importance of security awareness and training cannot be overemphasized. You can build a security culture and provide security values into the fabric of your day-to-day business by taking the online training offered by KGPS.

KGPS Protective Services offers a wide range of training courses to meet your needs and educate and train your staff. We use a tactile video approach to make online security training more participatory.

With us, online security training is different from one client to another! Our pedagogy is based on adapting our training to your needs to involve the trainee as much as possible. Technological tools help us achieve this, in addition to the continuous training provided to our trainers.

Security & Safety
Training Courses

Safety and security challenges are some of the most important issues in present times. Challenges like terrorism, cyber-crime, and environmental calamities can impact millions of lives worldwide. These issues rank very high on politicians’, businesses’, and international organizations’ agendas. Do you want to make a career in security and safety in a globalized world?

The KGPS security and safety training courses are then specially designed for you and can be tailored to your needs.

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