Security Consulting & Support

We cover all the possibilities of security management to develop effective and robust preventative procedures and security projects for you. Our consultants are experts in all security matters. We come with a proven track record of mitigating risks, reducing hazards, and providing impeccable security.


Our consultation services include vulnerability assessment, risk management, development and review of procedures and policies, and threat intelligence. We also offer security audits, security incident response, security monitoring, and security training.

Client-Based Training Services

Training courses offered by KGPS encompass a variety of subject areas to meet all your personal and organizational success and security needs. Our tactile approach to video-based learning makes our online training courses more participatory and experiential.

We understand that all our clients have unique requirements. Therefore, we are against a one-size-fits-all approach to our training. Our teaching methods are adapted to your training requirements, and we ensure that we involve our trainees in the learning process as much as we can. We do this using robust technological tools.

Client-based training to include workplace violence, use of force policies, human resources training, management, and employee education regarding security and safety can be highly beneficial for organizations. KGPS provides the following components and considerations for such training programs

Our training addresses to raise awareness about the different forms of workplace violence, including physical violence, verbal abuse, harassment, and bullying. It should also focus on identifying warning signs and risk factors, de-escalation techniques, and reporting procedures. Additionally, we cover how to respond in emergency situations and the importance of maintaining a secure and safe work environment.
We review existing or write clear policies and guidelines in place regarding the use of force by employees, especially those in security or management roles. Our training explains these policies and ensures that your employees understand the appropriate use of force, including understanding when force may be necessary and when it is excessive or not justified. We work with you to establish a comprehensive understanding of legal requirements and potential consequences for non-compliance.

Human resources professionals play a critical role in the management and prevention of workplace violence. Our training is provided to HR staff to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for addressing workplace violence incidents, conducting thorough investigations, and managing disciplinary actions. This includes training on interviewing techniques, conflict resolution strategies, and legal considerations when handling workplace violence cases.

We provide both managers and supervisors with specialized training on how to recognize and address potential security and safety issues. This includes training on conducting risk assessments, implementing security protocols, monitoring employee behaviors, and fostering a safe and inclusive work environment. Managers are also trained on how to effectively respond and manage incidents of workplace violence.

 All employees receive training on workplace violence prevention and response. This training covers topics such as recognizing potential warning signs, reporting procedures, and personal safety tips. Employees are also educated on policies and procedures related to workplace violence, including the importance of speaking up if they witness or experience any form of violence or harassment.

We recognize that training is an ongoing process, with regular reminders and updates to ensure that employees and managers remain vigilant and informed about security and safety matters. Reinforcement can be done through team meetings, newsletters, online modules, or refresher courses.

We customize training programs to the specific needs and context of the organization. This may involve conducting a security risk assessment, considering industry-specific regulations, and obtaining input from key stakeholders. Additionally, it is crucial to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the training program through feedback surveys, incident data analysis, and continuous improvement efforts.

Overall, client-based training that includes workplace violence, use of force policies, human resources training, and management and employee education regarding security and safety can help organizations create a safer and more secure work environment. By providing employees and managers with the knowledge and tools to address and prevent workplace violence, organizations can protect their employees and minimize potential risks.

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