Organized Retail Crime Division Risk Mitigation

Retailers across California are losing millions each year to sophisticated and violent organized groups of professional shoplifters and looters, causing many companies to either leave California or close their business due to the continuous loss of revenue. These “crime-rings” have specialized training and can often clear out a business in a matter of minutes, using violence and extreme aggression to take items illegally. If it has value, it is a target, whether items off a shelf, behind a locked cage, or even cargo containers. These groups are transitory, often going from city to city to cause extreme loss and property destruction. Not to mention the trauma caused to employees and patrons. Law enforcement wants to help, but their resources are often already spread thinly.

This is where KGPS can help. KGPS has put teams in place that not only provide an immediate and professional response to these groups, to deter and or minimize losses, but also working closely with local law enforcement to respond and ultimately find and arrest the suspect(s).  KGPS chooses to use a “less-lethal” response and approach to these property losses, by utilizing command presence, pre-threat assessments, safety tactics, and less-lethal BYRNA launchers. Being able to respond to hostile individuals and or groups with a less-lethal approach provides a strong deterrent yet still allows the uniformed officer to take command of the situation having a less lethal response.  

We have implemented a strict less lethal response to these attacks utilizing the BYRNA launchers. Being able to respond to both attempted and implemented attacks and utilizing the less lethal weapons is a game changer.”  (Jim Vierra, CEO of KGPS)

This is not a “one-size fits all” solution, there will always be those individuals who display firearms to commit these crimes. In those instances, our personnel will comply and gather real-time evidence to later provide to responding law enforcement units for future capture and prosecution. Most employees are not trained and or aware of what law enforcement is seeking to help their investigations. Furthermore, they can be traumatized and or unable to cooperate with law enforcement. 

Let us be your resource, to combine decades of professional security and law enforcement experience to provide you with the best personalized solution for you. For example, having a camera system that truly operates properly and is set up to provide good angles from the floor level and not the ceiling is considered a strong deterrent. If you provide outside cameras for your establishment, make sure the nighttime and outside lighting do not affect the quality of your recordings. Let us do an assessment and feel free to ask us about a California Senate Bill that recently passed and is sure to affect how you and your employees deal with theft in your establishment(s).

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KGPS is proud to employ both men and women from our armed forces, law enforcement communities and our distiguished veterans.
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KGPS offers unparalleled systems, services, and solutions to secure, serve, and care for communities, businesses, religious organizations, private and public schools in the US and across the world. So that when you thrive, our commitment to serving you gets stronger.
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