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Workplace security entails to the safety and security measures and protocols enforced in a workplace setting against potential dangers and intruders.
We at Pro KGPS are actually a global provider of Risk Mitigation and Physical Security Services headquartered in California. We work with organizations in strengthening security measures that will increase the protection of everyone. We are equipped with the latest security technology as well as providing an elite training program for military, governments, and law enforcement personnel. 
Yes, of course. We have partnered with a number of reputable organizations to work hand-in-hand in promoting a strengthened and highly effective security solution that will mitigate any risks and ensure profitability.
You may send us a quotation request here.
Our security officers are required to undergo rigorous training that will help equip them in the tasks to handle delicate situations in times of a crisis. 
They are. Our team is always in coordination with command and monitoring centers to exercise effective communication of mission-critical information back to the center real-time.
A security agency entails a government organization that exercises intelligence efforts and activities for the sake of the best interest of the security of the nation.
A security guard is responsible for securing and patrolling around the building premises. They are also in charge of inspecting equipment that is being brought in.
Yes, a licensed private security can carry a gun.
A security guard has a more limited scope of role such as patrolling a select area or post, with the use of lesser independent judgment skills. A security officer, on the other hand, has a wider scope of responsibilities which may include to exercise more of their independent judgment skills and may be in charge to oversee the overall security operations.
On average, it may range between $10-$30 per hour. We can provide you with a more specific quotation that is tailored to your needs by filling out the form here.
We provide a variety of security services such as consultations, protective services, physical security, campus security, and private client services. We also offer non-lethal weapons and accessories.
Security guards are often in charge of performing security checks and patrolling areas, while being on the lookout for any unusual, suspicious activities. 
This may depend on the location and risk level. On average, you may be charged from $10-$100 per hour, but here at KGPS, we can provide you with a more specific quotation that is tailored to your needs by filling out the form here.
KGPS has a rigorous, elite training designed for our personnel.
We serve a variety of clientele, from government to private industries (e.g. schools, corporations). We also work with the military and law enforcement groups.
While performing their job function, a security guard may be armed.
Security services are flexible in terms of being divided into sub-groups. 
There are courses available to take online.
A security guard training is required to have a high school diploma or equivalent,  training as required by the State, as well as first aid and CPR trainings.
A guard is expected to become extra vigilant and attentive to details, quick to think on their feet, and have attention to details.
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