Campus Security

KGPS works closely with some of the top schools in the country to provide non-lethal weapons and training to mitigate their risk and exposure without the loss of a life. We also provide physical security teams to be placed on your campuses who blend in with your school environment and campus culture, and are ready to respond if needed.
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KGPS over the last 10 years has been working closely with both private and public safety school programs. Researching the most effective security tools that can be used on school campuses across the country to respond and mitigate, active shooter response, both lethal and non-lethal protocols. Faculty safety and awareness training to include campus training seminars on safety and security and self-protection. KGPS has introduced proven and effective non-lethal weapons (BYRNA Technologies) which enable anyone to use on a school campus even to carry concealed, that can effectively and without causing loss of life mitigate their risk and exposure.

We provide all the following to learning institutions across the country:

  • Non-Lethal Weapons and Training.
  • Security Programs review and implementation.
  • Under Cover Enforcement- both armed and non-lethal.
  • Security Staff and faculty Training.
  • Special Events for Sports programs and other events.
  • Law Enforcement Liasson Services
  • Active Shooter Training and Certification

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Committed To Our Community

Dedicated To Giving Back To Our Community
KGPS not only works with all types of clients, but we also work with all types of community organizations to give back and show our support. We know how important veterans, children, and other groups are which is why we offer corporate giving and donations to help our community grow. As a local company, we are proud to offer our support to our beautiful community and beyond.

Our Community Involvement

  • Supporting veteran organizations
  • Vets with disabilities
  • Employment Opportunites
  • Feeding the homeless
  • Supporting children and overseas education
  • Protecting Our Communities and Schools