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KGPS is a global risk management firm offering top-notch executive protection, security risk management, business investigation, security consulting, and training services to a broad clientele.

We work with our clients to identify their security challenges and formulate long-term security solutions to ensure no future liability. We’ve positioned ourselves as a top-of-the-line strategic service provider with offices worldwide. Along with our line of core services, we provide the latest encryption communication packages, GPS tracking devices, real-time intelligence, ground resources, and emergency response.

Moreover, we also provide elite training for governments, military, and law enforcement to incorporate selective security courses in the private sector. We work closely with our clients to mitigate any risks and ensure profitability.

Our weapon detection systems at embassies, airports, and VIPs can detect metal, prohibited items, or metal weapons through a system that’s connected to your CCTV cameras. The benefit of this is that it shows the exact position of the weapon or metal without notifying the person carrying it.

Our corporate office is located in California, but we have personnel and operations in other countries worldwide. KGPS is driven to provide you with unparalleled investigative and security solutions to minimize loss, mitigate risks, and ensure a cost-effective business through our strategic communications, impeccable customer care, and hands-on management.

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Our Team at KGPS

KGPS is proud to employ both men and women from our armed forces, law enforcement communities and our distiguished veterans.
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Strong Commitment To Our Country
KGPS offers unparalleled systems, services, and solutions to secure, serve, and care for communities, businesses, religious organizations, private and public schools in the US and across the world. So that when you thrive, our commitment to serving you gets stronger.

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